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JOSHUA ROSENBERG CIVIL ENGINEERING provide a range or Flat Roof Testing which includes Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) which literally pinpoints the locations of all holes in the roof and Thermal Imaging Inspections which work in conjunction with the ELD Test to map out the extent / severity of any water ingress and damage to the roof structure.

Although ELD testing and Thermal Imaging can be carried out independently of one another, they often work best, especially in identifying complex and persistent leaks, when carried out consecutively.

ELD is most commonly used to check the condition of Flat Roofing prior to buildings being bought / sold and as a Quality Assurance tool at the end of a new project to ensure that the building will be 100% watertight.

This type of testing is compatible with many different roofing products including all Rubberised Roofing Membranes, Felt and even Asphalt (to a depth of around 50mm). We offer Flat Roofing Inspections across the whole of the United Kingdom on residential and commercial Flat Roofs and provide a comprehensive Inspection Report at the end of each project which contains visual images of damaged / defective areas [which are also marked directly on the Roof itself] schematics of all defects found overlaid on the original Building Plans* and comments and recommendations on each individual defect which we detect. JOSHUA ROSENBERG CIVIL ENGINEERING Clients can also benefit from a reduced rate on regular Flat Roof Inspections [Available at 3,6 & 12 month intervals] when signing up to our services on a contract basis as well as free re-testing*  

This type of regular Flat Roof Inspection enables clients to identify and remedy any small breaches in the Roof and make small patch repairs to keep the Roof in good order instead of allowing the Roof to decay and pass water into the building.  

Regular Inspections and Maintenance can literally save £££ THOUSANDS £££

Key benefits of carrying out a Flat Roof Inspection